Chiropody Aberdeen

Chiropody involves the treatment of nail and skin lesions. Common conditions that we treat at the clinic are:


Thick mass of hard skin usually forming on the balls of your feet,heels and toe joints.We reduce the excessive overlying tissue to a smooth finish with a scalpel and often finish with a lightly abrasive drill. The treatment is pain free.


Localised thickened area forming on a bony prominence. Classically on the outside of the little toe joint or on the balls of the feet. We recuce the thickened mass of tissue using a scalpel and then cover/dress the area.Often deflective padding or deflective insoles are recommended to reduce the rate of recurrance.

Ingrown toenail

Either one side or both sides of the toenail curve in towards the flesh. If they penetrate the soft flesh at the side of the toe often bacteria enters the cut and infection results.Treatment involves removal of the offending spur of nail with or without anaesthetic depending on the severity of the problem. In chronic situation when conservative treatment is unsuccessful, we recommend that the side of the nail plate is permanently removed (nail surgery)


Essentially, these are warts on the soles of the feet caused by the HPV (human papilloma virus). We treat these lesions by first reducing the overlying tissue and then using either an acid based preperation, cryotherapy(cold spray) or needling the lesion under local anaesthesia to induce an immune response.

Dry/cracked heels

Thick hard skin with deep cracks.We treat this by reducing the thick tissue and applying a strong emollient cream(moisturiser)

Fungal toenails

The coloured, thickened mass of infected nail tissue is reduced using a water spray drill and either a course of antifungal lacquer is prescribed or we recommend you ask your doctor for a course of oral terbinafine (oral antifungal drug)

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Podiatrist specialising in specialist verruca treatment ( needling) and shockwave therapy for heel pain and Achilles pain.
Beauty therapist and pedicure specialist. Kelly works with our team of podiatrist to offer the pedi-pod treatment.
Clinical Director
Scott Shand
Scott Shand
Podiatrist specialising in foot and ankle sport injuries using manual therapy and orthotic therapy.

what people say about us

I booked an appointment with the podiatrist as I picked up a bad ankle injury playing football and was unable to walk. This turned out to be a torn tendon of my ankle.

Scott was very clear and concise as he explained my treatment over several sessions of mobilisation ,massage and functional exercises and I began to see improvement as each week went by. I'm very happy to say after 3 months of treatment I am now able to walk and participate in sport again.


Absolutely top notch service, a friendlier practice you will not find! Everyone is so pleasant and patient, they really listen to you and address your concerns like the true professionals they are. Very knowledgable and the results were fantastic. Highly recommend The Shand Practice!

Central location with on street parking outside. Great service and flexible appointments. I have been to the practice for various injuries and pains such as 'shin splints' and plantar plate issues. Treatment included; massage, acupuncture, review on how I was running (treadmill) and I was also given exercises to do at home and lots information and tips to stop the problem reoccurring. I would like to thank Scott as it never has!
A family run business who care bout their clients and the results.

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