Nail Trepination

Treatment advancements in the battle against fungal toenail infection.

The presence of fungal infection in the toenails continues to be a battle for the podiatrist, until now that is…

The two treatments commonly offered for fungal nail infection are ; oral antifungal medication (Terbinafine), or topical antifungal nail lacquer (curanail).

The evidence on the effectiveness of topical antifungal nail lacquers is relatively poor and it requires continual application for up to 18 months.

The use of oral terbinafine is certainly more successful with one study showing complete resolution of toenail fungus in 74% of the patients included in the study.

However some individuals are not suitable candidates to receive oral terbinafine due to the risk of drug interactions and possible side effects. These include patients on anti-depressants, beta blockers and even some cold and flu remedies.

Other treatment modalities on the market have a poor evidence base. These include laser therapy, photo dynamic therapy, tea tree oil, cider vinegar and Vicks’ vapour rub.

We have been using a new treatment at the clinic that has been providing surprisingly good results to even chronically affected nails.

The treatment is called nail trephination and involves the drilling of micro holes in the area of the nail plate that is infected by the fungus.

By introducing micro holes in the nail plate it allows the transfer of the topical antifungal solution to target the source of infection.

We suggest a daily application of topical terbinafine (antifungal preparation) for a period of 2 months and then a review in 2 months to assess the progress of healthy nail tissue.

We also suggest that the footwear and skin is treated with an antifungal spray. This will minimise the likely cross contamination to the nail by the presence of fungal infection on the surrounding skin or in the footwear.

The process is pain-free and takes a total of 45 minutes to perform.

We feel this is an exciting addition to our list of treatments at the clinic and welcome anyone struggling with fungal nail infection to try this new concept.

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