Foot mobilisation therapy is a form of manual therapy incorporating chiropractic, osteopathic and physiotherapy techniques which involves the application of low grade force to a joint of the foot or ankle to increase the range of motion. It works by reducing the stiffness of the joint which is caused by an increase in the collagen cross fibril linkages. Foot mobilisation can be used to treat any stiff/restricted joint in the foot or ankle and can lead to improved foot and lower limb function of the foot and ankle and a reduction or elimination of associated symptoms.

Classically several sessions are required to reduce the restrictions and are followed up with a strengthening exercise protocol to maintain the gains achieved with the mobilisations.

Common conditions and foot injuries that we incorporate FMT into the treatment plan are:

  • Mortons neuroma
  • Hallux abducto valgus
  • Plantar fasciits
  • Chronic ankle pain
  • Cuboid syndrome
  • Arthritic pains
  • Hallux abducto valgus or hallux limitus
  • Arch pain

Usually we incorporate soft tissue mobilisation/ massage techniques into the plan to aid in the mobilisation of the tight joint or soft tissue structure and improve the healing rate of the damaged tissues by enhancing blood flow to the site.

Our Staff


Scott Shand BSc Pod

Director and head Podiatrist

Scott specialises in the treatment of foot and ankle pathologies using a combination of manual therapy, shockwave and laser therapy and custom designed and fabricated orthotics. Scott is Director and chief Designer at Epione Orthotics.


Pamela and Sandra are our front of house team. They are always on hand to answer your questions and queries in a friendly and professional manner.




Absolutely top-notch service. A friendlier place you will not find! Everyone is so pleasant, patient, they really listen to you and address your concerns like the true professionals they are. They are knowledgeable and the results were fantastic. Highly recommend The Shand Practice.


“Central location with on street parking outside. Great service and flexible appointments. I have been to the practice for various injuries and pains such as ‘shin splints’ and plantar plate issues. Treatment included; massage, acupuncture, review on how I was running (treadmill) and I was also given exercises to do at home and lots information and tips to stop the problem reoccurring. I would like to thank Scott as it never has! A family run business who care about their clients and the results.”



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