Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

The treatment of acute sports injuries can be a tricky one. Many treatments are contra-indicated and exercise therapy can be painful. New evidence suggests that immobilisation of acute soft tissue injuries slows down the healing of the tissue, movement is key.

So, what does this leave us with…

Current evidence suggests that the use of Low level laser therapy can be of great benefit.

The physiological response (effect that it has on the body) of LLLT involves the stimulation of the bodies natural healing process, optimising repair and helping to restore normal cell activity.

LLLT is thought to increase blood cell production and this increases the bodies ability to heal damaged tissues.

In the acute stage of injury, LLLT can alter/modulate the inflammatory process which helps to reduce painful symptoms, it does this by increasing the release of endorphins and serotonin (the brains pain modulating chemicals)

It is an evidenced based treatment that has been used in sports clinics and medical institutions the world over for many years providing fantastic results.

At the Shand Practice we use it for the treatment of acute soft tissue injuries such as plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinitis and Capsulitis (ball in balls of feet)

The treatment is pain free and without known risk. 5-6 sessions are recommended, 1 or 2 times per week is preferrable.

Our Staff


Scott Shand BSc Pod

Director and head Podiatrist

Scott specialises in the treatment of foot and ankle pathologies using a combination of manual therapy, shockwave and laser therapy and custom designed and fabricated orthotics. Scott is Director and chief Designer at Epione Orthotics.

Emma Campbell Bsc Pod (hons)

Full Time Podiatrist

Emma specialises in cosmetic podiatry and swift microwave therapy

Ellen Boyle BSc (Hons)

Full Time Podiatrist

Ellen is the newest member of our team and enjoys working with sports injuries and carrying out nail surgery.

Ron Shand

Podiatrist/Clinical Director

Although now partially retired, Ron brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. A much loved and respected member of the team with over 45 years experience in the treatment of foot problems.

Helen and Shona


Job share and will be here to answer the phones and greet you as you come in.



Absolutely top-notch service. A friendlier place you will not find! Everyone is so pleasant, patient, they really listen to you and address your concerns like the true professionals they are. They are knowledgeable and the results were fantastic. Highly recommend The Shand Practice.


“Central location with on street parking outside. Great service and flexible appointments. I have been to the practice for various injuries and pains such as ‘shin splints’ and plantar plate issues. Treatment included; massage, acupuncture, review on how I was running (treadmill) and I was also given exercises to do at home and lots information and tips to stop the problem reoccurring. I would like to thank Scott as it never has! A family run business who care about their clients and the results.”



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