Shand Podiatry in Aberdeen specialize in a revolutionary new treatment for verrucas – swift microwave therapy!

This form of podiatry uses short bursts of microwave radiation at extremely high temperatures to break down the infection, causing it to heal much faster than more traditional treatments.

Leave your verruca worries behind and seek out swift microwave therapy from Shand Podiatry – you won’t regret it!

Verrucas are a collection of skin cells which have become infected with the human papilloma virus (HPV) Usually this is the result of catching the virus from a communal area such as a gym or swimming pool.

They can exist as small singular lesions or multiple lesions depending on the sub type of the virus.



Swift is a new technology, developed in Scotland, which has been licensed for the treatment of verrucas and warts on the feet.

Swift uses microwave energy which is delivered through a special probe applied to the skin to treat the infected tissue

The treatment takes seconds and does not require dressings or local anaesthetic.



Each treatment begins with the reduction of any thick, overlying callus on the verruca. The special probe is then applied to the verruca. 5 applications of 2 seconds duration are recommended . This is usually fairly uncomfortable but very short lived. The discomfort does not classically continue after the probe is removed from the skin.

3 sessions, 1 month apart are required to stimulate an immune response. A follow up consultation is then scheduled for 2 months after the 3rd session to examine the tissues.

The treatment is quick and you can continue on with your day with no downtime/restrictions to activity.


At Shand Podiatry we use this technology when traditional chemist bought remedies and a tincture of time fail to resolve the lesions. Chemist bought remedies include salicylic acid, freezing sprays and sport tape. We do not use these treatments at the clinic as we find the success rate to be relatively low, they are however fairly cheap to purchase and self-administer.

Swift is safe to use in the majority of patients but there are a few exceptions:

If you have any of the following, swift microwave therapy is contraindicated

a) Diabetes
b) Peripheral Neuropathy ( reduced/altered sensation in feet)
c) Pins or plates near the site of the verruca
d) Pacemaker
e) Low pain threshold


Clinical research and our own personal clinical results with swift microwave therapy shown a 74% clearance rate after 3 sessions at follow up ( month 5) This is significantly higher than traditional used treatments (salicylic acid and freezing spray) which show 25-30% effectiveness after a considerable amount of treatment.


The cost of the package involving 3 sessions of swift microwave therapy and one follow up is £330.

Booking is simple, visit our ONLINE BOOKING link on our website. Please ensure that you do not have any of the forementioned contraindications prior to booking.

Our Staff


Scott Shand BSc Pod

Director and head Podiatrist

Scott specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle pathology using an evidence based approach to treatment.
Scott is also the director of leading custom orthotic lab, Epione. Epione design and manufacture 3d printed orthotics for clinics throughout the UK. Scott has worked with PGA tour professionals and Scottish premiership football clubs.


Pamela and Sandra are our front of house team. They are always on hand to answer your questions and queries in a friendly and professional manner.


Bethany Skinner BSc Pod


Hi, my name is Bethany and I have recently joined the team at Shand Podiatry.
I graduated from Queen Margaret University in 2021 with Bcs Hons in Podiatry.
I started my career working for NHS Grampian before making the decision to join Shand Podiatry in April of this year.
My interest in podiatry started when I was 15. I was curious to learn about an injury I had sustained through highland dancing. This interest while being treated led me to pursue an education and career in podiatry.
In my free time I still enjoy highland dancing although no longer competitively. I also enjoy helping out on the family farm and spending time with my friends and family.
I am looking forward to taking the next step in my career, and advancing my scope of practice.



Absolutely top-notch service. A friendlier place you will not find! Everyone is so pleasant, patient, they really listen to you and address your concerns like the true professionals they are. They are knowledgeable and the results were fantastic. Highly recommend The Shand Practice.


“Central location with on street parking outside. Great service and flexible appointments. I have been to the practice for various injuries and pains such as ‘shin splints’ and plantar plate issues. Treatment included; massage, acupuncture, review on how I was running (treadmill) and I was also given exercises to do at home and lots information and tips to stop the problem reoccurring. I would like to thank Scott as it never has! A family run business who care about their clients and the results.”



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